Glenreynie Publishing

Glenreynie is a new independent publisher dedicated to sustainability, and to promoting the arts as a means toward a better future for all. If you are an author, a person with something to say, someone who has always wanted to publish a book, but could not afford the high costs required by most large industry publishers, consider Glenreynie for your publishing needs.

          Glenreynie accepts most genres for titles submitted, allows authors to control the ownership of their work, can publish both hardcovers and paperbacks, uses industry leaders for print on demand and distribution services which makes your work accessible to major book sellers in the US, Canada, and the larger international community. We are especially interested in publishing works by individuals and communities dedicated to sustainable earth strategies, simple living, permaculture, small and urban farming technologies, and “Green” living.

          Whatever your project happens to be — a memoir, a “How-to” educational book, non-fiction, children’s literature, or the next great novel — We hope you will consider Glenreynie as your publisher. We strive for excellence, quick turn around time from start to finish, and to keep our clients cost as low as possible. If you would like more information about having your work professionally published, click the Contact Us link on our Website, or simply call us toll free at 1-606-796-0503.